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PDA software to help you reach your cardiac fitness goals

Use the stopwatch functions of your PDA for measuring heart rate during your workout, as well as recording and graphing speed, intensity and other training session data.

Madness Manager

Manage your tournament pools, as well as your own pool picks from your PDA! Customizable for ANY single-elimination tournament with up to 64 teams/entities, including the NCAAs...

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The Real Estate Geek

PDA Real Estate Investment Analysis Software

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More than just another PDA software designed to emulate functions of a financial calculator... the Real Estate Geek - PDA Real Estate Investment Analyzer takes the next step and generates integrated analysis scenarios for Commercial & Residential income properties... the mobile equivalent of complex pro forma worksheets.

  • Take notes with the Real Estate Geek as you walk a prospective investment property, and have a complete financial evaluation when you complete your inspection.
  • Run 'whatif' scenarios to get the answers you need. Especially handy in situations where hauling out the laptop just isn't appropriate -- such as in a business lunch or at the 19th hole.
  • Publish a detailed Investment Analysis Report within minutes of returning to your office and HotSyncing your PDA to your desktop.

Get the whole investment picture -- not just bits and pieces. Easily, quickly, and best of all... on you Palm PDA.

You Input:
  • Purchase Requirements
  • Financing Scenario
  • Projected Income & Expense with Escalation Assumptions
  • Resale Assumptions
The Geek Generates:
  • Annual Income Streams
  • Annual Cash Flows
  • Measures of Investment Quality, including Debt Coverage Ratios, Cap Rates, Cash on Cash Return, Operating Expense Ratios, IRR and MIRR
  • Estimation of Return and Tax Burden upon Resale

  • Easy to Use & Easy to Navigate Input Screens
  • Financing and Refinancing Scenarios using up to 5 Mortgage Definitions
  • Store Descriptive Property Information, such as location, square footage, acreage and zoning, in addition to financial data
  • Pop-up Calculator in Palm Applications - Make quick calculations without exiting the Real Estate Geek, then paste the results directly into the Input form
  • Multiple Currency Display
  • Share information by beaming to other PDAs*, or through the Palm/Activesync Desktop
  • MS Excel interface and worksheet template for publishing and customizing investment evaluation reports (not available with trial version)
Powerful and Portable Real Estate software designed for:
  • Investors & Developers
  • Residential & Commercial Realtors
  • Lenders & Mortgage Brokers
  • Appraisers & Assessors
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Consultants

* PDA to PDA IR beaming feature not available in Pocket PC versions.

Click here to check out the number crunching power of the Real Estate Geek in a free 30 day demo...

Buy the Real Estate Geek -- only $39.95

Note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There is no way for us to revoke a registration key once it is given to you. Therefore we have a NO REFUND policy. The trial version will allow you to fully test our software. Please test all functionality you need with the trial version before purchasing.

What Our Customers Say...

"I've been using your software for nearly a year, and really enjoyed using it. It has been a handy tool. Thanks for helping me transfer the software to my new Treo."

-- M. Kiefer

"Wonderful program... and very impressive, this quick reply to my support inquiry."

-- L.M. Dreesmann

"I can generate an APOD analysis and financial benefit forecast right on the spot when I show a property. My clients are impressed and find real value in the information I can share with them."

-- R. Deacon, Broker

"This program is amazing..."

-- Z. Kamitses

"I've seen NOTHING else that works for what I want."

-- M.B.E., Wells Fargo Bank

"You guys are great! Thanks for all your help. I am a newbie Realtor in over my head with some investors. I love your program. Thanks again."

-- J. Howard

"I read about your software in a Real Estate Investment newsletter, and I am very pleased with it. Now, I leave my laptop in the office, and retired my old faithful HP calculator."

-- J. Little

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